K-State National Teach Ag Day 

I created this commercial in cooperation with the Kansas State University Agricultural Education Club. The purpose of the video was to promote the Ag Ed major at K-State. We entered the commercial in a competition for 2016 National Teach Ag Day with the National Association of Agricultural Educators. The video came in second place with over 3,000 views. 

Explore Research- Invasive Species

I created this video for the Florida Museum of Natural History as part of their invasive species exhibit during the Summer of 2015. In this video Dr. Kenneth Krysko, a herpetologist (reptile researcher) at the Florida Museum of Natural History, discusses the problem of Florida’s invasive species, particularly the Burmese python. Krysko is part of a team at the University of Florida that is working in the field and lab to control non-native species.

K-State Ag Ed

This is one of two videos I created for the K-State Agriculture Education club. They use this shorter version on social media and at events when recruiting students to major in Agriculture Education at Kansas State University. I enlisted the help of my friend, Danielle Holladay to help gather the interviews. This was my first time using green screen and it was truly a pleasure to work with such inspiring individuals.

Florida FFA Convention

I had the opportunity to work as a Media Room Intern at the 2015 Florida FFA State Convention. Part of my job included creating this “Convention in Review” video to be played on the big screen during the final session. This video highlights the different activities and sessions from the convention and the kids enjoy reflecting on the convention and seeing themselves on the big screen.

UF Beef Teaching Unit

The best camera is the one you have on you. In today’s day and age everyone has a smart phone with a built in camera. I created this video using my iPhone 5 and Final Cut Pro for an assignment.